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Posture Exerciser

Do you have poor posture and want a posture exerciser that can help you feel taller?

Chiropractor Reports:

“A Woman Grew 1 Inch

After Using The Ex-O-Wrist!”

An Ohio Chiropractor reported that one of his chiropractic patients grew 1 inch by using the Ex-O-Wrist.  The Chiropractor claimed that his patient was measured at her medical doctor’s office during her regularly scheduled physical before she started using the device.  And after using the Ex-O-Wrist during the following year, her medical doctor measured her 1” taller than she was at her previous physical!   The same doctor.  The same scale!

The Ex-O-Wrist is a small hand-held exerciser designed by an Ohio Chiropractor to help his clients with rehabilitation and sports performance.

While we weren’t there to verify that she grew one inch, we do believe it is possible!

The easy to use Ex-O-Wrist can be used by anyone and helps with both coordination and upper body strength.

We believe that using the Ex-O-Wrist regularly can help correct poor posture.

Are you hopelessly skimming through blog posts and online articles looking for a way to grow taller?

Probably not.

But you might be looking for easy ways to increase your overall health and you might even be looking for ways to correct poor posture.

It’s hard to believe that one simple device can do so much for you and your clients overall health.

The Ex-o-Wrist Can Be Used As A Posture Exerciser And Increase Overall Health

Increase Strength

Grip strength is important for daily activities like holding a pen, turning the keys in your front door, and even using a zipper.   Hobbies such as painting, and playing an instrument also rely on your grip strength.

“I was having trouble opening a jar of pickles.  I wanted an exerciser that would help me increase my grip and my forearm strength.  The Ex-O-Wrist is just the thing I need!”

Having good grip strength is also a good indicator of overall health.  According to physical therapy researcher Richard W. Bohannon, grip strength can be a prediction of cardiovascular health.  When you routinely measure grip strength, you can stay ahead of mobility limitations.

Increase Flexibility

Proper use of the Ex-O-Wrist can help increase flexibility in your wrists, shoulders and forearms.

Physical therapy can be expensive after an injury and sometimes issuance will only pay for a limited number of sessions.  When you have a gap in your physical therapy treatment, the Ex-O-Wrist can help increase flexibility.  It is suggested that you check with your therapist so they can come up with an exercise plan if you are recovering from an injury.

If you are looking for something to help you increase your flexibility after an injury, the Ex-0-Wrist can help.  You can start with low tension and do the exercises as suggested on our website.

Increase Coordination

The cerebellum in the back of the brain controls balance, coordination and fine muscle control, like walking and writing.  It also controls movement and posture.  This part of the brain can become weak or damaged by a stroke, a brain tumor, or prolonged or excessive alcohol use.  Having good coordination is a sign that your cerebellum is functioning properly.

Healthy coordination is also a sign that both sides of your brain are working in sync.

Doctors agree that exercises that increase coordination can help improve or maintain brain functions.

The Ex-O-Wrist exercises are great for coordination because they require each hand to move in the opposite direction.  While one hand twists clockwise, the other moves counter-clockwise and that movement activates your brain in a different way than when both hands are moving in the same manner.

Straighten Posture

Use it as a posture exerciser to correct poor posture.   Success rate is high because it is so easy to use.  It is easy to travel with.  It is easy to store.  It is lightweight.  It can be thrown in the bottom of your purse, or in your glove compartment of your car.   Upper body exercises that activate the back muscles strengthen and straighten the back and over time can correct poor posture.

This is what we believe happened when the Ohio woman reported that she grew 1 inch after using the Ex-o-Wrist.   The full range of exercises that you can do with it can help your back feel stronger, look longer and have you standing and sitting with better posture each and every day.


3 exercises that helped my wrist pain

I’ve been working with Brian for years with his website for Ex-O-Wrist.  I work out quite a bit.  I never thought that I would need the use of the Ex-O-Wrist.  But lo and behold, I hurt my wrist earlier this year playing golf.  I’m not a good golfer, so sometimes I try things I shouldn’t.  Like try to hit the ball that is in a bush instead of taking the drop.  Sure enough, I hit a root.  Boy did that hurt.  I went ahead and finished the round.  But my wrist hurt, it hurt for months.  It probably didn’t help that I play hockey once a week and work on a computer everyday.  But I’m not one to let a pain stop me from doing the things I love and I figured it would go away, eventually.  But it didn’t go away.  In fact it seemed to keep getting worse.  Ignoring it, didn’t help.dave-hockey

Finally, I decided I had enough.  I talked with Brian about what I can do.  He showed me a few exercises that would help strengthen my wrist and forearms.  I completed these exercises 4 times a week for 2 weeks.  I felt so much better.  I’m still doing these exercises today and am feeling 95% better.  I’ve not only noticed that I am in considerably less pain, but my slap shot seems to have gotten a little harder.  I plan on incorporating these exercises into my workout routine for the rest of my days.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the golf course and testing out my golf game,  with my new and improved wrist and forearm strength.  Maybe it will add a little distance to my drives too.  One can only hope.

Thanks again Brian.  I am glad I met you.  Not only do you have a great product, but you’re a great guy to work with.

Here is the routine I used.

Forward Twist 30 secs. with a medium resistance

The Bottle Opener for 30 secs. to help with my Wrist Shot

Overhead Twist for 30 secs. to help with range of motion.

Repeat the sequence.



So this 3 minute routine got me feeling little to no wrist pain in only 2 weeks.  

If you want to know what would be the best for you, ask Brian.

    Full Ex-O-Wrist® Exercise Routine

    The Ex-O-Wrist® can be used as part of your weekly exercise routine. Adding in the Full Ex-O-Wrist® Exercise Routine with other workouts will enhance your overall workout. Ex-O-Wrist® is the perfect piece of equipment to use for loosening and warming up your joints before an intense upper body workout.

    Forward Twist
    Extend your arms straight out in front of your body with your hands at shoulder level while holding the Ex-O-Wrist® in a horizontal position. Pull towards your body while twisting the Ex-O-Wrist® into a vertical position, ending with the right hand below the left hand. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise while alternating the end hand position.

    3 Sets
    10 Repetitions
    Before Upper Body Workouts

    Overhead Twist
    Extend the Ex-O-Wrist® above your head with your arms straight and the Ex-O-Wrist® in a horizontal position. Bring down towards the back of the head while twisting the Ex-O-Wrist® into a vertical position, ending with the right hand below the left hand. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise while alternating the end hand position.

    3 Sets
    10 Repetitions
    Before Upper Body Workouts

    Forward Wrist Twist
    Extend your arms straight out in front of your body with your hands at shoulder level while holding the Ex-O-Wrist® in a horizontal position. Maintain the extended arm position and move wrist up and down by rolling the hands back and forth.

    3 Sets
    10 Repetitions
    Before Upper Body Workouts

    The Bottle Opener (left and right)
    Extend your arms straight out in front of your body while holding the Ex-O-Wrist® in a vertical position. The palms of your hands should be facing each other with one hand above the other. Maintain the extended arm position and twist the wrist as if you were opening a bottle. Switch hand positions and repeat.

    3 Sets
    10 Repetitions
    Before Upper Body Workouts

    Old Method Now Has Bright Future

    Recently Ex-O-Wrist was featured in ADVANCE magazine.

    A previously unknown
    modality is changing the
    future of PT By Lauren Himiak

    When you get a glimpse of the Ex-0-Wrist, it may be surprising how simplistic the design is. There are no crazy contraptions, no elaborate straps, no electrical cords, or large buttons to push. Yet when you discover the science behind its design, it becomes a well manufactured tool that’s speeding up the recovery of patients with upper-body injuries. Brian G. Foltz, DC, is not the man behind the invention per say, however, he is the man behind its future. ADVANCE sat down with Foltz to talk about how such a unique invention is still virtually unknown in the PT world and what he is doing to change that.

    ADVANCE: When were you first introduced to the Ex-0-Wrist?
    Foltz: More than 30 years ago, while I was a student in chiropractic college, I met a physical therapist from Rock Island, IL. He happened to have a recent patent of an exercise devise called the Ex-0-Wrist and he gave me one. When I got into practice I found it invaluable. Chiropractic, like physical therapy, is a physically challenging profession and the Ex-0-Wrist was a quick and efficient way that I could keep my upper body more toned and flexible.

    ADVANCE: Explain what the Ex-0-Wrist is.
    Foltz: Ex-0-Wrist, LLC, is a small corporation utilizing a combination of high-tech applications along with some of the original design elements. This tool is a serious personal exercise device. The handles are generated from a computerized lathe, and skilled craftsmen finish the product. It is totally green in its construction and it is made in the U.S. It is actually made from ash, the same wood that is used to make major league baseball bats. Because the handles are computer generated, they are all the same and meet our strict quality guidelines. Weighing in at 9 ounces, the Ex-0-Wrist can be used by anyone with two hands. It offers a unique 60-second upper-body exercise and allows users to improve range of motion, increase upperbody strength, and improve cardiovascular health. Similar to a rolling pin, but unique it its design, the Ex-0-Wrist incorporates a twisting action along with pumping. It has a ball-bearing action that insures that the Ex-0-Wrist has a smooth and even travel, and does not tighten or loosen when used. The spring is rated at 400 pounds and will handle many athletic training issues.

    ADVANCE: How does it work?
    Foltz: It does not duplicate any other exercise. To go through all of the motions usually takes less than 60 seconds. That is because you find your level of tension and increase it to a personally difficult tension. Your fingers, hands, elbows, shoulders and neck will let you know when you are done.

    ADVANCE: You mentioned this tool has been around for some time. Why do you think so many people have still never heard of it?
    Foltz: Originally, the Ex-0-Wrist came out in the 1920s, but they had design problems and were not successful. Those problems were solved in 1973, but popularity didn’t really increase. While communicating with the PT from Rock Island I mentioned, he told me that, tragically, he lost his molds in a fire and he was not making them anymore. Not long after that he died. Even though the Ex-0-Wrist has been in existence for more than 80 years, I found that virtually no one has heard or learned to use the Ex-0-Wrist. It is virtually unknown in the therapy world, until now. This is why I have decided to teach people to use the Ex-0-Wrist.

    ADVANCE: How have people reacted to the Ex-0-Wrist?
    Foltz: Several years ago I was treating a farmer with a cervical disc problem. I was using traction along with other modalities, and after two weeks his results were negligible. I decided to put him through the Ex-0-Wrist.

    The day after his first Ex-0-Wrist treatment, he came back with a big smile and was very much improved. He continued to improve and was subsequently discharged from my care. I have no doubt that his success was attributed to the Ex-0-Wrist.

    ADVANCE: It seems like this tool can benefit everyone. Is it easy to use?
    Foltz: Yes! Many of my patients had upper body problems and along with treatment, the Ex-0-Wrist proved to be an effective and useful modality. Many of my patients bought Ex-0-Wrist for home use. I am not a fitness guru. Having said that, I do not know how I could have kept in practice for 30 years without the Ex-0-Wrist. Fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck all are stimulated with the Ex-0-Wrist. They are indestructible and will last a lifetime.

    Lauren Himiak is a freelance writer for



    Back pain and stiffness?

    If your suffering from back pain and stiffness.  One of the best things you can do is fix the issue, not the symptoms.  Too many people take medication day after day to treat the pain or stiffness, but not enough people do what is need to fix the actual problem.

    That’s where Ex-O-Wrist comes in.  It helps alleviate problems in your shoulders, back, neck and so much more.  With a few simple moves each day, you will notice a significant change.