headaches from cervical spine issuesThe Overhead Twist Ex-O-Wrist (EOW) exercise strengthens muscles that support the cervical spine. Over the years I have used this exercise to help maintain my cervical spine. The Overhead Twist decreases stress, tension and stiffness.

The Overhead Twist is excellent for cervical disc patients when used in conjunction with treatment and therapy. Examples include ice, heat, muscle stimulation, cold laser and/or traction. Please note that if the pain persists or increases you may need to seek the advise of a professional or discontinue use.

Value. The EOW is portable, light weight and easy to carry along anywhere. The EOW increases upper body strength and flexibility. You must have an EOW to enjoy the benefits of improved upper body mobility.

Recommended Ex-O-Wrist Exercise for Cervical Spine Pain

Overhead Twist
Extend the Ex-O-Wrist above your head with your arms straight and the Ex-O-Wrist in a horizontal position. Bring down towards the back of the head while twisting the Ex-O-Wrist into a vertical position, ending with the right hand below the left hand. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise while alternating the end hand position.

3 Sets
10 Repetitions
3 times per week