Shoulder Pain

The best way to maintain the shoulder joint is to exercise regularly. The Ex-O-Wrist (EOW) is the easiest and quickest way to maintain the shoulder. And maintaining your structural functions should be one of your first priorities. The EOW exercises take less than 60 seconds to do. It may take longer for endurance training but generally you will feel the warm and increased fluidity in your upper body in a short time. Light weight and portability are obvious. Going on a road trip… throw it in your bag. You might not think you need it but with a small amount of time to yourself  the EOW is a real stress reducer when you “crank it up”.

If you are strong  the EOW will help your flexibility. The stronger you become the more muscle mass you will have. The muscle mass will block joint movement making it harder to scratch your back due to the decreased range of motion. The EOW will help increase your flexibility. If you are weaker and want to increase your upper body strength the EOW can help in as little as 60 seconds per day.

Recommended Ex-O-Wrist Exercise for Shoulder Pain

Overhead Twist
Extend the Ex-O-Wrist above your head with your arms straight and the Ex-O-Wrist in a horizontal position. Bring down towards the back of the head while twisting the Ex-O-Wrist into a vertical position, ending with the right hand below the left hand. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise while alternating the end hand position.

3 Sets
10 Repetitions
3 times per week

 Shoulder Pain Causes

  • Trauma
  • Bad Posture
  • Old Chronic Injury


The shoulder girdle is one of the more complex joints of the body. It is easy to screw up the shoulder joint. If you do have shoulder pain you need to figure out how it happened. Two common causes of shoulder pain are trauma and bad postural habits. If you were in a car wreck or fell you know what caused the pain. Trauma needs to heal and the EOW can help the process by beginning with less tension and gradually increasing the tension as your range of motion improves. More insidious to the shoulder joint are bad postural habits. Postural stress is more difficult to determine but it boils down to your posture when you sleep. If you sleep on your stomach you are creating continual stress on the cervical spine and the shoulder. DO NOT SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH. If you sleep on your stomach you have to have your arm over your head to breathe. STOP. This is a bad postural habit and you have to change. If you sleep on your side, which is fine, DO NOT LAY YOUR HEAD ON YOUR ARM OR KEEP YOUR ARM OVER YOUR HEAD.  Keep your arms down. If you have a bad postural habit and are sleeping like the above you will not heal well. If you do change these habits it will take you 90 days on average to stop.